Re: Seeking info Kaminsky/Kominsky arrived in US 1890 from Russia #general


Elizabeth Lea Kaminsky wrote:
Have been seeking information on my great grandparents, Samuel and Jennie
(Goldstein) Kaminsky. I have found them in the 1910 census in Philadelphia,
which says they were born in Russia, approximately 1873 and arrived in US
1890. Other possible spellings were Kmelnetzky (>from a story told by my
great uncle). He also said he was told the family came >from near Kiev.
The three names mentioned in the post, i.e. Kaminsky, Goldstein, and
Khmelnitsky, were very common among Russian Jews. "Near Kiev" is only a
slightly better pointer than, say, "near Philadelphia".

It may be possible to find a family connection or at least a town connection
when studying the census records for the same building - and go >from there.
It is also possible to find records of a nearby synagogue. Studying nearby
cemetery plots may provide a clue if a family belonged to a landsmenshaft.

To achieve any degree of success in cases when a surname is common, the town
of origin is unknown, and ship manifests cannot be found, a comprehensive
strategy must be developed, with identifiable and measurable steps.
Conceptually it is not difficult, although quite time consuming, but I
personally do not see a better way. If someone has a better suggestion, I
would love to hear how to do it "faster, better, and cheaper". Life is too

Boris Feldblyum
Potomac, MD

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