Re: Jewish cemeteries near Woodmere, NY, 1975 death? #general

Diane Jacobs

New Montifiore and Montifiore Cemetery now have online databases where you
can check to see who is buried there, date of death and location.

Diane Jacobs
Somerset, NJ

Arthur Evans Jr wrote:
My wife's family lived in Hewlett, right next to Woodmere. They are buried
at New Montefiore Cemetery, in Pinelawn Long Island. That might be what
the grandson remembers.
Mark London wrote:
Hi - I'm trying to locate the cemetery where someone >from Woodmere NY was
buried in 1975. The grandson remembers as a kid that it was not that far
away, although they had to travel on a highway. Can someone suggest what
would be the most likely cemeteries that someone at that time period would
be buried in?
MODERATOR NOTE: Try the Montefiore Cemeteries website

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