searching for Ursula M. OLLENDORFF GROEGER #general

Steve Groeger <sgroeger@...>

My father Hans Peter GROEGER was married to Ursula M. OLLENDORFF (my
stepmother). They were divorced in 1948 in Miami Florida when she took back
her maiden name.

My father arrived in the United States >from Berlin in 1938 and was not
married at that time nor was he accompanied by Ursula. I have found a
naturalization record for Ursula Margarete GROEGER and a manifest showing
Ursula OLLENDORFF (born abt. 1921 in Breslau) arriving on the Queen
Mary in March 1939 >from Berlin.

Any suggestions as to how I might investigate further to determine if
either or both of these are my 'stepmother'. And then how to find out more
about her particularly if I might have half siblings.

Steven Groeger
Lawrence Township, NJ

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