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Greg Tuckman

Hello all,
A few months ago I posted the death record of Abram Lejb FIRER on ViewMate.
David was very kind and gave me information >from the record. Unfortunately
it is still impossible to tie this individual to my family and I am hoping
there might be a little more information.

I know that Abram Lejb was a widower, died in 1898, the son of Majer and
Hana. The witness is Majer FIHRER.

Here's what I'm hoping for:
Abram's age? It is usually listed on a death record. Also, does the record
state the relationship of the witness to the deceased? Does it possibly
mention his deceased wife's name.

This document can be found in the View Mate archives. VM #15584

Thank you for any and all help.
Greg Tuckman
Tempe, Arizona

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