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The modern Bar Mitzvah celebration was invented in the USA after WW II.
Not true! One of the most common emails I receive regarding the pre-WWII
photographs on my site tell me how "my father/grandfather was so happy to be
able to show me/my son where he was Bar Mitzvahed". My grandfather and
great-grandfather were both Bar Mitzvahed in the "Old Country" well before
WWII. These weren't isolated events, they were common in the area at the

It may have not been the expensive blowout that modern Bar Mitzvahs are, but
it included the same key events such as sponsoring a bottle of wine/a bit of
food at the oneg, the Bar Mitzvah boy putting on his very own "grown-up
tallis" and reading >from the Torah by himself, and later, a party with too
many people and as much food as they could come up with. My zeyde, being
born on the 3rd candle of Chanukah, fondly remembered his Bar Mitzvah party
as "the latke party to end all latke parties!"

Thank you,
Terryn Barill Tower
Long Island, NY

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