ShtetLinks Page for Belki, Ukraine (Bilke, Hungary/Czechoslovakia) #general

Mitch Hollander <mitch00@...>

I am pleased to announce the creation of a ShtetLinks page for Belki,
Ukraine (formerly within Czechoslovakia and Hungary, and also known as
Bilke or Bilky):

By whatever name you know it, I invite anyone with roots in Bilke and
its environs to contribute to this page - history, reminiscences,
photographs, suggestions for links, etc. (please note that all
material must be in accordance with the ShtetLinks Project Policy:

You can contact me at the e-mail address for the Bilke ShtetLinks
page: shtetl.bilke@...

Best regards,
Mitch Hollander

DRELICH (Radomysl, Poland)
ELIAS (Bilke, Ukraine)
PEISIKOVITZ (Bilke, Ukraine)

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