Advice needed: mess-up by the Warsaw Archives (PSA - AGAD) #general

Bubby <yeruchem18@...>

I inquired into ordering a record >from the PSA archives and received an
email informing me that the record was located, directing me how and where
to wire the fees to obtain the said record. The wire transfer was made
according to their directions.

After a while passed and I had not heard anything back, I inquired as to
what was happening and was informed that no payment was received and I
should wire the fee to a *new* account number. I responded that I had already
made a transfer to the account number they had originally given me as
instructed in their first email and sent them a copy of the receipt for
this. I asked that they locate this payment and send me the record and if
there was a problem doing this, they should contact me. I heard nothing.

Two weeks ago having gotten no response, I saw on the JRI-Poland website
that if I do not hear within 30 days, I should contact the PSA headquarters
at the Archives. Thus, I sent an email to them explaining the situation and
as yet I have heard nothing >from them.

If there is anyone out there who can help me solve this problem, I would
greatly appreciate hearing >from you.

To reply privately, please remove all numbers >from my email address.

Mrs. Fraida Cohen
New York
TAUBER "Harasz," Austria (Galicia?)
MARKS/MARKUS Pultusk, Poland
POMERANTZ Baranow and Warsaw
SCHALL Galicia/HOLRIE England
COHEN Minsk Wilna "Wolynia"
HODES Minsk Wilna "Wolynia"

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