Fake death record? (Poland - 1891) #general

Nicolas Trokiner


I've been searching my family for 15 years and never faced such a puzzle. My
great-great-grandfather Haim Josek Goldstein is supposed to be dead in 1923,
probably in Lodz (according to my grandmother who is a very consistent source of
information). His daugther, my great-grandmother, is supposed to be born in 1897.
The problem is that I've just found his death record in Mogielnica, his hometown,
in 1891! There is no doubt about his identity as the record mentioned his wife.
Also,I found birth records for his 3 sons who were born between 1885 and 1890 in
Mogielnica too. No track of my great-grandmother birth record.

I've just spoken with my grandmother and she is sure that her mother diddn't lose
her father when she was so young (or not even born!).

The only explanation for me is a fake death record. Then maybe they moved to
another place (probably Warka or Lodz), where my great-grandmother could have been

Have you ever met such situation? Possibly to avoid military service?

Thank you very much for your inputs.

Nicolas Trokiner

MODERATOR NOTE: It would be helpful if Genners could see the death record to which
you refer - if you have a copy, please consider uploading it to ViewMate.

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