Re: Russian Military Archives #general

DrYattz <winwinsit@...>

I have a quite similar story. I wrote:
Russian State Military History Archive 07005, Moscow ul. 2-ia Baumanskaia 3 Russia

I was looking for records of my wife's great great uncle, David Korenman (born 8
January 1881 in Shargorod), said to have served in the Russian army in the late
1890s. He is rumored to have been a Prikazni (Lance corporal) of the Life Dragoons
Pskovski, and to have earned a badge for excellence in shooting.

My response >from the Archive was almost identical.

Rees Chapman
Dahlonega, GA

Unfortunately, the answer is: "you must know the number and name of the
military department or military institute in which he served...

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