Moghilev-Podolski'y (Ukraine) #general

Olivier THOMAS <ol.thomas@...>

Dear Genners

Does anybody has already obtained genealogical information >from Moghilev-Podolskiy?
Do you know where their archives could be look at ? I need your help.

I've been looking for information about a family called GORVITZ or
RUBINSTEIN-GORVITZ. My ancestor a man called Alexandre (nickname Aisick)
Rubinstein-Gorvitz alive in 1900 lived in Odessa. He probably married twice. His
first wife was Laure FEDEO the second one Sara VOLF RANCHMAN(N. He had 3 daughters:
-Ekheweig Rubinstein-Gorvitz (12.09.1867/68 in Moghilev-Podolskiy, Ukraine) dired
in France
-Ekatrina Aleksandrovna Rubinstein-Gorvitz (.04.1871 Moghilev-P ) died in South
America (1950 Buenos Aires)
-Rivka Vera madeleine marie sabine Rubinstein-Gorvitz (1873 Moghilev-P ) died in

Thanks for any onformation about these family.

Olivier Thomas

Searching: Kofman (Odessa)Riman (St Petersbourg) Holona (Kherson Odessa)
Rumiantzeff (many selling >from Tchliabinsk, Samara St Petersbourg) Mendelevich
(Odessa) Margulis (Odessa) Grinberg (Odessa) Leyzerman (Odessa)

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