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tbartman <bartmant@...>

I've had contact with them on several matters. I had a relative who at
the end of the war filed war crimes charges in Bialystok District Court
against the Polish Police Assistant to the German Gendarme in my
families village, Zygmunt Kozlowski. I wanted to find out if there were
any records >from the trial. I have a letter >from the Institute of
National Remembrance that among other things says, "we can report that
Zygmunt Kozlowski, a policeman >from Zabludow, was arrested twice for
cooperation with the Germans - on April 27, 1946, and on March 1, 1947.
Subsequently, on November 12, 1947, he was sentenced to a punishment of
8 months in prison. The records of this matter were destroyed in 1989."
So, I was too late to save these records, which probably contained
valuable information about what transpired in Zabludow during the war,
and perhaps information about the fate about particular individuals.

Tilford Bartman,

On 3/16/2011 12:25 PM, wrote:

I recently came across the website of an archive I had never heard of
before called the "Institute of National Remembrance" in Warsaw, Poland...

My question is, has anyone performed any research through their archives
and have they discovered any documents relating to family members and if
so, what type?

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