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Sylvia Furshman Nusinov

Thank you, Barbara. The "name change" discussion takes place quite often in
this online discussion group, and others - and even in general conversation
amongst researchers!

If one would only check Jewishgen's Discussion Group FAQ's and JewishGen's
Archives before drawing conclusions on this - or any genealogy subject.

Beginning in January, 1994 - a message quoted Warren Blatt:
<<-=> Quoting Warren Blatt to All <=-

WB> FAQ - Part 7 of 11
WB> 10) PASSENGER LISTS (con't):

WB> These passenger lists were filled out on board by the ship's
WB> purser, and checked by customs or immigration authorities upon
WB> arrival. Thus the names on these lists are the European, pre-
WB> Americanized versions of names.

" Name tags were prepared at port of departure by authorities
and names were copied at the U.S. end >from those tags, rather than name
being taken verbally >from immigrants at time of U.S. entry">>

The subject has been questioned repeatedly through the years. The answers
continue to be the same!!!

I urge all researchers to search Jewishgen's website for answers to their

JewishGen remains the paramount site for Genealogy research - especially for


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We must be careful not to revise history as we research and come across
information that we do not understand or that does not fit in with our
ideas. Yes, names changes did occur, but we must not ignore the
historical fact that names were *not* changed at Ellis Island.

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