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Ralph Bloch <rablo07@...>

Further to Carol Jaffe's inquiry regarding her Bavarian gggrandmother
Babette Lazarus:

I have searched the civil records of Bavarian Swabia ( and the
matrikel lists of Lower and Middle Franconia (Bavarian regions). In Swabia
the name 'Lazarus' occurs only sporadically:
A Jachet Lazarus died 1809 at age 74 in Harburg.
A Hendle Loeb nee Lazarus bore two children in Horben (1830 and 1831);
And a Sandel (Alexander) Lazarus died 1806 in Wallerstein.
Furthermore, a 'Dolz Lazarus' died in Wallerstein in 1832. However, it
says "widow of Lazarus". So we don't know if this was her husbands first name
before the introduction of family names.
Neither in Middle nor Lower Franconia des the family name 'Lazarus'
appear at all.

So, while I couldn't help you in finding your gggrandmother, you now
know at least, where not to search further.

Ralph Bloch

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