Vienna 1930-1932: circumcision and baptism #general

Odeda Zlotnick

I am submitting this question in both the JewishGen SIG list, and
the Austria-Czech one.

I have discovered through a family member that one of my
grandmother's 2nd cousins in Vienna married a Roman Catholic
woman in 1930, yet his sons, born in 1931 - 1932 are
circumcised. I find that surprising, since they are not Jewish
according to the Halakha.

Does anyone know if any boys at all were circumcised even when
not Jewish then? Why, in a city that was growing more and more
anti-Semitic, would a man have his sons circumcised? Would Any mohel
do it? Wouldn't that making the the boys Jewish? Would this be
registered anywhere?

The father's marriage was registered (took place? "Eltern
getraut am XX.XX. 1930 in Wien, Magistrat") in the Viennese
magistrat". Does that preclude the possibility that the wife had
converted to Judaism?

3 days after the Anschluss one of the boys (I don't yet know
about the other) was baptized. Would it be a normal procedure to
baptize ("nach roemisch-katolischem rictus getauft wuerde") a six
year old? Is it a coincidence that it took place so close to the
anschluss, or can that be seen as an attempt to protect the

Thank you

Odeda Zlotnick

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