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On Thu, 21 Apr 2011, Henry Schwartz wrote:=20
I need help reading a street name on a manifest >from Ellis Island. The person's
name was Marton Katz, date of arrival May 10th 1906, Line # 4.
The street name is Debevoise. It initially looked like Deberosch to me. It took
me a few steps to find the correct street.

Not being greatly familiar with Brooklyn street names, my first choice, when I see
an X in the left margin next to the name on the manifest, is to go the end of the
ship's records and look at the Record of Detained Aliens pages. The address of the
alien's local contact is included on that page (another chance to decipher the
street name). It's much easier to find the page on Ancestry but, in this instance,
after finding it on Ancestry, I located the Ellis Island website page by paging
backward. Look for manifest page 38. That page shows that Marton was met by
someone who lived at 92 Dubois. I tried to find 92 Dubois in Brooklyn on Google
Maps - that street did not exist.

My next stop was I went to his US Census pages, 1900-1940 ED
Finder. I put in State: New York; City: Brooklyn; and then pulled down the
street list. Under D one finds Debevoise.

Emily Garber
Phoenix, AZ

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