Re: question on 1910 census #general

Campbell, Karen (Perkins Coie) <KCampbell@...>

Could you let us all know the answer to this question--I have the same question but
for other addresses in Manhattan.

Thank you,

Karen vanHaagen Campbell, Bellevue, WA, USA, JG #390095

LICHTENSTEIN (Odessa, Ukraine; Vienna (Wien); NY, NY, USA)
BROUNOFF and TEHERKAS(/CHERKAS/TZERKAS?) (Elizavetgrad/Kirovograd, St. Petersburg,
Ukraine; Warsaw; NY, NY)
HENRY (Germany?; Russia; Germany?; NY, NY to Boston, MA and back to NY, NY)
MEYER/MEIER (Germany; NY to Boston, MA and back to NY, NY)

From: David Laskin [mailto:laskin.david@...]

I have found my ancestors on the 1910 census -- they lived in a building at 195
Madison Street on New York's Lower East Side. The building had 16 units, numbered
on the census >from 277 to 292. My family was #282. My question is: did census
takers start at the bottom of apartment buildings and work their way up, numbering
units consecutively as they ascended?

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