Re: Question on Transport from Ellis Island to New York's Lower East Side #general

A. E. Jordan writes:
I'm wondering how they were likely to have gotten >from Ellis Island to their
apartment building. Presumably, a ferry took them >from Ellis Island to what is
now Battery Park -- but then what? Did they travel by cab (horse drawn or
automobile?); trolley?

A ferry would have been a must because Ellis Island is after all an island.
(Although there is a story in my family than one of my uncles swam NY harbor as a

Where they went >from there, well don't forget they were likely meeting family,
friends, someone. Especially in 1909 new arrivals were being met. The movie
image of the poor lonely confused immigrant wondering off the ship into the arms
of the teaming city .... well ... its a movie image not real life.

Assuming they were schlepping as you say ( lot of immigrants arrived with very
little possessions) its very likely the family might have had a horse cart to meet
them. But don't discount that they climbed on a trolley with a few hand carry
bags as their only possessions in the world. Remember they had been schlepping
whatever they were carrying all the way >from the home in the old country so by the
time they got to New York they would have been practiced schleppers.

Allan J.

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