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Rochelle P. Gershenow wrote on 24 apr 2011 in soc.genealogy.jewish:

Leta, Hungary was listed as the place of death in a page of testimony
found on Yad Vashem's database. The person for whom the page was
written was listed as living in Holshani, Oszmiana, Vilno, Poland (I
believe this was in Lithuania) during the war. I looked up Leta,
Hungary but couldn't find any such town. Does anyone know what the
name of the town might be?
Nagyléta, methinks.

Létavértes (in Hungarian) or Leta Mare (in Romanian) is a town in Hajdú-
Bihar county, in the Northern Great Plain region of eastern Hungary.

Jewish Population: 382 (in 1880), 365 (in 1930)
Létavértes was created in 1970, via the union of Nagyléta and Vértes.
16 miles SE of Debrecen, 22 miles N of Oradea, near the Romanian border.

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