HAIMOVICA family from Bucarest???, Romania #general

Steve Pickoltz

Hello Genners,

I'm looking for the HAIMOVICA family >from I think Bucarest, Romania.
They arrived I beleive in two waves between 1900 and 1920, somewhere
on the East Coast. The family name was Americanized to HYMAN.

The parents were Inglea and Perla (maiden name AVRAM) HAIMOVICA. This
came off one child's Romanian birth cert. That child was Iancu
HAIMOVICA born on May 28, 1902, in Bucuresci (Bucarest) who was later
known as Jack HYMAN. The other children, I only have their
Americanized names are Abe, Tillie, Elizabeth (Betty), and Albert.

The story is Jack and another child came with the mother Perla, and
the rest came some time later with their father Inglea. The father
Inglea Americanized his name to Hyman HYMAN and his wife Perla,
changed it to Pearl HYMAN.

I'm trying to find out when they all arrived, what port they came
into, and the Romanian names of all the children.

As always, any help is appreciated.

Steve Pickholtz
New Jersey
searching------- PICKHOLTZ (all spellings) and WINITSKY (all spellings)

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