Ship travel #general


I have noted that there is considerable interest in ship manifests and
wonder whether researchers are aware that the International Tracing Service
files contain a large number of postwar manifest lists--unfortunately, none
prewar. The focus is on postwar transports of survivors/refugees.

You can search to see if any list is of interest by going to the ITS
Inventar/inventory at
Simply type in the name of the city >from which/to which the transport went,
e.g. Cape Town or Genoa in English or German. This also lists special
flights of refugees.

If you find a transport of interest you will need to write to Arolsen, Yad
Vashem or the USHMM to ask whether a person(s) of interest appears and/or
ask for the entire list. Or come to the IAJGS Washington meeting and help

Peter Lande
Washington, D.C.

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