Working Passage to NY #general

Stew Driller

In looking for a manifest for a friend's g-grandfather, I found a notation
that two of her relatives "are working their passage across to New York."

The passengers were her g-grandfather and g-grandmother and their son, and
her g-g-aunt and her two children.

The notation referred to her g-grandfather and g-g-aunt. In each case the
passage was paid for by "him/herself" and they had $10 and $16 with them.

Has anyone come across this before? Any ideas what kind of work they
could have done on the ship? Would this have been a special favor to them?

They were all detained for "Dr Cert", but admitted.

They were Italian, leaving >from Naples and arrived June 23, 1897. You can
find the manifest by searching for "Giovanni Munier." The Ellis Island copy
is poor, although the note is clear.

There is also a stamp >from the US Consul in Naples at the bottom of the page,
which I haven't seen before.

Any explanations/ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

Stew Driller
New York City

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