Looking for Genrich Markovich Deych's book #general

Cindy g

I would appreciate it if anyone can tell me how I might obtain or get access to
Professor Genrich Markovich Deych's book "Sinagogi, Molitvenne Doma i
Sostoyashchie pri nikh Dolzhnostne Litsa v Cherte Evreiskoi Osedlosti i
Guberniyakh Kurlyandskoi i Liflyandskoi Rossiiskoi Imperii 1853-1854" [Synagogues,
Prayer Houses and their Employees in the Pale of Settlement and Kurland and
Livonia provinces of the Russian Empire, 1853-1854].

I live in Denver, CO.
Please respond privately. Thank you.
Cindy Gallard, gallardc@...

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