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naomi ogin

Dear All

Israel/Srol Ber and Dina RUBINSTEIN had a number of children born in Bobruisk,
Minsk, Belarus and surrounds including a town called Chamichly.

Three definitely came to the East End of London, Joseph/Joe, Noocham/Nat and
Rosie/Estra. At present, it seems that Joe was one of the oldest born in 1878.
Rosie was born in 1892. Of the other known siblings, Zelig passed away in Bobruisk
as did Chasa, Leah married and went to Leningrad, Samuel was believed killed aged
13 in Ekaterinoslav and at least two came to Argentina, Ethel who married a
Spaniard and had two sons and Chaim who changed his name to Ricardo and possibly
Rodrigues, not proven. Chaim went to La Plata around 1917 and had three daughters
and some sons. I've not located him on the CEMLA site. If he travelled >from the UK
the closest I could find was Chageur Leib RUBINSTEIN, married, born 1871, a Russian
button maker heading for Buenos Aires.

Do any of these names sound familiar. I would be particularly interested to hear
from researchers who have the RUBINSTEIN surname in any of these locations. I have
already placed the surname on JGFF. It has also shown as RUBENSTEIN and

Please contact me directly unless you feel your reply might be useful to other

Naomi Ogin ndogin@...

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