Re: Looking for Genrich Markovich Deych's book #general

Jules Levin

Cindy Gallard wrote:
I would appreciate it if anyone can tell me how I might obtain or get access to
Professor Genrich Markovich Deych's book "Sinagogi, Molitvenne Doma i
Sostoyashchie pri nikh Dolzhnostne Litsa v Cherte Evreiskoi Osedlosti i
Guberniyakh Kurlyandskoi i Liflyandskoi Rossiiskoi Imperii 1853-1854"[Synagogues,
Prayer Houses and their Employees in the Pale of Settlement and Kurland and
Livonia provinces of the Russian Empire, 1853-1854].
First, corrections: read 'Molitvennye', 'Dolzhnostnye' instead of Molitvenne,
Dolzhnostne. Second, did you check on line the Library of Congress and other
leading libraries in the West? Third, this is really a question for SEELANGS list:
Slavic and East European Languages list, see their web page. You can subscribe at
this address: Once you are a member,
you can pose this question--not unusual for the list--and I am sure you will get an
answer within a few minutes.

Jules Levin
Los Angeles

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