Joselovich #general

Marcella S

I have recently discovered a new branch in the family I am researching Leah SHAMES
married Shiman JOSELOVICH in Kaunas March 23 1928 son, Pesachl Joselovich married
Vita(?) in Vilnius (I think) between Jan and Oct 15 1966 daughter, Aneta (?)

Is there anyone out there with any info on this family - anyone researching it ,
maybe? How do I find Pesachl's birth record? How do I find Vita's maiden name?
I know that leah was alive and at the wedding in 1966 but Shiman seems to have
passed or moved on - any ideas on how to track him down would be appreciated Any
suggestions/comments as to how I would be able to contact them - last known address
is below but there has been no response >from it

Marcella Shames

research: Shames - Vieksniai

MODERATOR NOTE: Please contact Marcella for the address. JewishGen policy, in
order to preserve privacy, is not to publish addresses less than 72 years old.

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