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Mike Posnick

To Bev Carlson and the list:

from 1896 to 1927, the synagogue of the Mikro Kodesh congregation was
located at 720 Oak Lake Avenue on the southwest corner of the intersection
of 8th Avenue North and Oak Lake Avenue. In 1927, the building, which was
demolished in 1935, was abandoned, and the congregation moved to a new
building located at 1004 Oliver Avenue North on the northeast corner of
Oliver Avenue North and Oak Park Avenue, which now houses a church.

In 1968, Mikro Kodesh merged with Tifereth B'nai Jacob, a congregation whose
synagogue once was located at 810 Elwood Avenue North (the building is a
church today). Because of its location, Tifereth B'nai Jacob was known in
the Minneapolis Jewish community as the "Elwood shul." At the time of the
merger, Tifereth B'nai Jacob was located on the west side of Xerxes Avenue
North (the boundary between the cities of Minneapolis and Golden Valley)
between 14th and 16th Avenues North. The merged congregation was known as
"Mikro Tifereth."

In 1972, Mikro Tifereth merged with the B'nai Abraham congregation under
the name "B'nai Emet." The merged congregation has been housed since the
merger in a synagogue located at 3115 Ottawa Avenue South in St. Louis Park,
Minnesota. The B'nai Emet congregation is merging on June 1, 2011, with
Adath Jeshurun, a congregation whose synagogue is located at 10500 West
Hillside Lane in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

For more information about these congregations, see the website at

Whether the records of the Mikro Kodesh congregation have survived is an
open question. One might check with the Adath Jeshurun congregation after
the dust of the merger settled. One also might check with the Jewish
Historical Society of the Upper Midwest ( and the Minnesota
Historical Society (

If you are seeking information that can be obtained >from burial records,
check with Hodroff-Epstein Funeral Chapels (, which
holds its own records and those of its former competitors dating back to the 1920s.

Mike Posnick
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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In her JewishGen message of Sun, 29 May 2011, Bev Carlson
<bev.carlson@...> wrote:
When my grandmother arrived in Minneapolis, MN, USA, she joined an
Orthodox synagogue. It was called Mikro Kodesh & was located on
Elwood Ave. on the northside of Minneapolis. I know that it merged
with other synagogues over the years, but don't know what happened
to members information. What happened to the records?

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