Looking for Meir ZINGER in Irsael #general

Howard Coupland <how.jacque@...>

I need help in looking for a distant relative . Meir Zinger born 1952
Vilnius, Lithuania. All I know that his family emigrated to Israel
about 1970.

Howard Coupland
Leeds, England

ABRAHAMSON (Johannesburg, South Africa) CAPLAN (Vilnius, Lithuania)DEITCH
(Grimsby, England)DENKINSON (Nottingham, England)DREIER (Durban Johannesburg,
South Africa)FINKIELSZTEJN (Marijampole, Lithuania)
GRYNWALD (Marijampole & Liudvinavas, Lithuania)KATZ (Siauliau, Varniai, Skuodas,
Lithuania & Oslo, Norway)KLEIN (Chicago, USA)KLEPPER / CLAPER (Iasi,
Romania)LEIBOVICI (Iasi, Romania)LIPMAN (Johannesburg, South Africa)

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