Re: records of weddings Uzbekistan after WWII #general


Adrian Freedman wrote: "Would there be any records of Jewish weddings in
Uzbekistan or Tajikistan >from the period after world war two?.. The name
in Uzbekistan where they married was some-thing sounding like ("fahadshey")...

There were no religious weddings in the Soviet Union. Only civil
registration was recognized by the state. In theory, if this was important
to the families, and a rabbi or someone acting as a rabbi and who knew how
to write a ketubah was available, the ceremony could have been performed -
in secret.

I do not know Uzbek. However, the word fahadshey sounds similar to
Farkhad-Stroi, which may or may not be spelled correctly. This was a large
construction project in Uzbekistan during the war, to dig a canal (or may be
this was an enterprise managing more than one project). If a refugee was
deemed by the authorities to be able to hold a shovel, he/she would be
compelled to work there.

Regarding this actual record, it may be possible to start making inquiries
in Tashkent. There may be vital records >from the 1940's somewhere, but these
would be civil, not religious records.

Boris Feldblyum
Potomac, MD

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