Re: Help to locate camp survivor in USA - Alice MANKIEWICZ #general

Michael Waas

I can tell you for certain that the DP camp files do exist. I have
several of my grandfather's cousin Nissim and it even went as far to
list who sponsored him to the United States and when (was my
great-grandparents, my grandfather, and my great-uncle!).

Don't go through ITS; rather, do it through the USHMM at I did it and they
were prompt and got back to me within a few weeks, emailing me all the
high quality scans of the images.


Michael Waas
Sarasota, FL

From: ZevGriner <>
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2011 12:57:24 -0700 (PDT)
X-Message-Number: 8
Regarding DP camp files, I have the same question regarding my family.
I assume they exist in Bad Arolsen,, where
you can submit a request for a trace.

I was wondering if anyone could possibly help me to find out what happened
to a relative of mine who I have discovered survived the concentration camps
and who then left for the USA in 1951 via a DP camp.

Her name was Alice MANKIEWICZ and she had been in the DP camp Lindau/Zech
till going to the USA. Her file number was US 4627.
Do these files >from DP camps still survive?
She was born 8th March 1887 in Berlin.

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