A success story #general

Marcella S

I would like to share my good fortune with the list
I have found my husband's father's family for whom I have been searching for
many years:They are the descendants of a sister left behind in Vilnius
Lithunania - her three brothers emigrated to South Africa in 1912
My discovery of the only child of the sister (alive and well and now living
in Israel) came through an unusual source which I urge all researchers to try
for missing family members - Yad Vashem can find living people
It turns out that the sister and her infant child were protected during the war
by a non-Jewish husband and wife (both mother and child survived) - the
righteous couple were honored by Yad Vashem in 2006:

I discovered a Lithuanian language pdf in a routine google search (kindly
translated by google also)In the pdf I found the last name of the family
I emailed the Yad Vashem address in the document and they forwarded my email
to the family The family contacted me - how strange and exciting it was to
see the name for which I have been searching for so many years suddenly pop
up in my inbox ...a real live sender ..no longer just the subject line

Marcella Shames

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