Re: Trip to Mogilev Podolsky & Shargorod, Moses Herder and Am Olam Colony #general

Bob Roudman

Faith Klein wrote:
I am planning a trip to the Ukraine June 28-July 6 led by an
experienced Ukrainian guide. We plan to visit my mother's ancestral
towns of Mogilev Podolsky and Shargorod. My gg grand. Moses
Herder left there in 1872 as one of the leaders of the Om Olam,.........

The only book that I know of on Jewish tombstones, many in the
Ukraine, is "Carved Memories", "Heritage in Stone >from the Russian
Pale", by David Goberman.

I was excited to read that your gg grandfather was Moses Herder.
My great grand uncle was part of the Arkansas Am Olam Colony that,
according to Don Chauls his gg grandson, Moses Herder was instrumental in
I have also read "Memories of Yesterday" by Kate Herder, as
transcribed by Irving Robbins in 1974, were Kate tells the story of
her experience with the Arkansas Colony. I have tried to locate a
complete roster of the members of the Arkansas Colony but it is
unlikely that one ever existed. Abraham Millner and his twin sons
Joseph and Zundel (John) Millner joined Moses Herder's Am Olam
group in New York. My great grandfather, (Abraham's brother) was
Sholom Shockna Millner. After the tragic failure in Arkansas Abraham
and his sons travelled to St. Louis were they settled. If you have any
documentation or information on the Arkansas Colony I would love
to hear about it.

Bob Roudman
San Rafael, CA

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