Re: A Jewish woman explores her family's past in Eastern Europe #general

marjorie short <giltrip202@...>

Peter Cullman, himself, is a noted historian and author of "History of the
Jewish Community of Schneidermuhl" and survived the Holocaust. He has done
extensive research on the fate of Jews in his ancestral town.

Marjorie Short
Boston, MA

Peter Cullman wrote:

While I have admittedly no knowledge of the situations in Lithuania, - I
cannot agree on the blanket statement, the last sentence in the posting of
the learned Howard Margol: "The Nazis did not care about Jewish cemeteries
because those Jews were already dead."
As an example to the contrary I can quote the situations that prevailed in
the geographic areas that were still part of Germany by 1939, such as
eastern Pomerania, the former of Posen, once Germany's most Jewish province.
The best example is Schneidemuhl and its surroundings towns where documented
evidence shows that is was only the Germans who systematically destroyed
Jewish cemeteries between 1939 and 1940. There their hatred had no bounds in
their quest to obliterate any historical Jewish presence in those towns.

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