Searching: where is Gitzinet Vilinsky, Russia? #general

Jake Jacobs

Great-uncle Louis Mayer GOLDMAN listed "Gitzinet Vilinsky, Russia" as his
place of birth, on a U.S. passport application dated 1911. He came to the US
in 1886, along with parents David Goldman (nee TEICHER?) & Bessie (nee Taube
HANTMAN) and 3 siblings, Freida, Etel, and Taukel. Passenger list (>from
Glasgow) shows place of birth as Poland, and names are Yiddish (his was
Meyer, parents David & Taube).

His naturalization record (as extracted on lists his place of
birth as Olesk, Russia.

The 1900, 1910, censuses list his birthplace as Russia. 1920 census lists
his place of birth as Austria/native tongue as Yiddish. 1930 census lists
birthplace as Hungary and his mother tongue as Yiddish.

Would appreciate any information, either about family or about "Gitzinet
Vilinsky, Russia." thanks!

Diane Jacobs
Austin, Texas

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