Searching: for Joseph COHN #belarus

David Laskin

Dear Genners,
I am working on my mother's family whose name was HAKOHEN or
KAGANOVICH (various spellings) in Rakov and Volozhin (presentday
Belarus). I have traced my mother's grandfather -- Avram Akiva
(Abraham Cohen in the US) and all of his siblings (Arie, Leah Golda,
Herman, Shalom Tvi) except for ONE. The one I am searching for was
named Yasef Bear Kaganovich (various spellings) in Russia and Joseph
COHN (no "e") when he emigrated to Hoboken in 1901. On the 1910
census he is listed as living at 406 Newark Street in Hoboken with
his wife Ethel and children Herman 20, Sarah 17 and Rachel 14.
Profession is rabbi. I would love to hear >from any of Joseph's
descendants -- I can put you in touch with many many family members!

David Laskin, Seattle, WA
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