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I would like to bring to your attention a number of papers that have been
added in the last month to this website here in Israel. Although the papers
are in Hebrew, they are searchable and maybe important genealogically for
those with roots in Austria, eastern Europe and Eretz Israel.

Hed Ha-Mizrach published in Jerusalem during the years 1942-1944 and again
in 1949-1951. This digital edition contains 2,669 pages. Hed Ha-Mizrach
stood out among the ethnic, community-based journals published during the
Mandate period and the first years after the establishment of the State of
Israel. The driving force behind the paper was Eliyahu Elyashar (1899-1991),
the most prominent Sephardi politician of the period, who adopted a policy
of opposition to the Ashkenazi establishment, not only on the question of
the attitude towards Mizrahi and Sephardi Jews, but also in other matters
like the Arab-Zionist conflict. The paper's renewed, digital circulation on the
internet is therefore of particular significance.

Ha-Po'eel Ha-Tsa'air
The paper served as the main journal for the Zionist Labor Movement in
Palestine, >from its inception in 1907 up until the first appearance of the
daily Davar in 1925; even after it was overtaken by Davar, it continued to be
published until 1970. The website's collection includes only the years 1907-1925.

Ivri Anochi
The newspaper was published between the years 1865 and 1890 and was one of
the most important Haskalah papers, which did not undergo a nationalist
transformation during the Hibbat Tsiyyon period. The electronic edition
contains 9,331 pages.

New Timeline Diagram on Historical Jewish Press website - it may help you
decided which newspapers to search http://t.co/Qf9ruPF#Jewish

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