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Dear All

With the enormous amount of assistance given by readers of this list I was
able to trace much of the lives of three Great Uncles who emigrated to New
York >from Obrigheim in Germany. However I have had little success in finding
their descendants. The brief details of each family are:

Simon EMANUEL. Arrived firstly in 1884 (San Francisco), later returned
home, studied, married Eugenia and went to New York in 1905. There were two
1. Paul (aka Edward P),born 1906, a lawyer & Immigration Judge who married
Dorothy Silverman in later life. He died in 1997. Was there an earlier
marriage and children?
2. Helen born 1919 - no definitive further trace found.

Adolf EMANUEL. Arrived New York in 1940 with wife Johanna. Adolf seems to
have died within a few months and Johanna in 1978. They had one son:
Erich, born 1903 and arrived in New York in 1938 with wife Trude. He died
1964 and she in 2001. The name was changed to EDEN. Their son:
Hans (aka John), born 1933, became an Opthalmologist. I understand that his
partner was male but there may have been adopted children.

Eugen EMANUEL. Arrived in New York in 1935, with wife Flora and their two
children following in 1936. I have not traced either of them further. The
two sons are:
1. Werner (aka Donald), born 1921, also no further trace.
2. Cola (aka Nick C) born 1924. He died in WW2 in "The Rheims Accident" of
1945. So possibly no wife or children.

Does anyone know of these families? If so I would be delighted to hear >from

Blackwater, UK

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