Religious Part of Interview #general

Yisroel Shapiro

I am looking for help in phrasing questions during an interview in order to
find a hint of religious affiliation amongst those that are predominantly
secular. There may be some customs that are practiced or artifacts that are
still being used. Or they remember customs that once was.

Specially I plan on visiting a elder cousin of my father who whose heart is
Jewish despite the fact he married a gentile. He is my one link to anything
Jewish of yesteryear. His grandparents were religious and was sent on
missions to bring care packages to relatives in different part of NYC. His
memories or >from before college .....

His sister likes talking but not about herself down.... she has pictures
which I am planning to see. I planning either to tell them I am going or
show up at there door to a preserve what ever I can .. I am going bonkers
because I look at my questions and I not satisfied enough.

My grandfather and family was the black sheep of his siblings. There might
have been some kind of feud. Not to butt in -butt to understand while I
am there I would like to find out >from these cousins their take on the
situation and how they would react now with there life experience. I would
like comments I this point.

Any other tips -in general is welcome.

Izzy Shapiro

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