Genealogy in Bratslav in the 1800's #general

jackie wisner <jackiewisner@...>

I was wondering how I could find some more information on my family
that is >from Bratslav.It stops at my great,great,great grandmothr who
was born in 1839.I can't even figure out who her husband was.I have
looked on jewishgen,ancestry,rootsweb,everything I could and nothing!
I'm stuck!I was also wondering if anyone had any information on what
life was like back then for them there.I know about Rabbi Necchman
(spell check) I don't want any information on him.I also know that my
family immigrated to Ellis Island and it was different times.For
instance my great great grandfather looks like he came first would
there be a reason for him comng first and not hi wife and kids?Any
help would be great...thanks in advance!
Jackie Wisner

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