Survivors in Holland #general


In 1945-1947, the Centraal Registratiebureau voor Joden in Amsterdam compiled a
list of Jewish survivors in Holland, and these lists were published by the Jewish
Historical Museum.

JewishGen volunteers compiled the names on these lists into a single database --
24,163 names. In many cases the listings include the place of birth or former
residence of an individual and these include hundreds of listings of individuals
from non-Dutch cities and towns, primarily Germany. This may seem surprising at
first but Allied policy at the time was to return survivors to the place that they
had been arrested or hiding so that foreign Jews who were resident in Holland or
who had escaped to Holland and survived were sent/listed there. Of course, this
did not mean that they remained there but the list is a good starting point for
looking for survivor relatives.

Please be patient and wait for the list to appear on JewishGen. It is due to
appear before the August conference.

Peter Lande Washington, D.C.

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