Questions about Jewish village populations #belarus


My grandfather was born in 1886 in NE Belarus which was part of the
Polish-Russian Empire then. The town of interest is Golynka (Holynka)
that I found on JewishGen. This village and one near it, Perstun, are on
my grandfather's passport. The gubernia was Suwalki at the turn of the
century (1900). JewishGen databases show total Jewish populations of
48,944 >from the communities within 30 miles of Golynka. 500 Jews in
Golynka alone.


Questions: What are the sources for the 1900 Jewish village population
counts on JewishGen? Census? If so, are these census reports online?
Where can I find the total populations of these towns and cities to
determine the Jewish percentage? I visited some of these villages in
1997 and Golynka probably does not even have a population of 100 if
that. Were there Jewish shtetls next to these villages that no longer
exist? I did not find any Jewish cemeteries near Golynka. Are there
websites with more information about these small villages and history of
this area?

Thank you,

Ralph Remick
Grass Valley, CA

Searching: Banyukevich, Banazhets, Bernstein, Betzer, Diamond, Dymott

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