Translators for French and Yiddish letters #general

Pamela Jacobs

Hello Genners,

My cousin, whose late mother was born in Budapest, grew up in Brussels, and
emigrated as a refugee to the U.S. during WWII has a cache of family letters, some
written in French and some in Yiddish. She would like to hire people to translate
them so that she can add to her knowledge of family history. If anyone is aware of
such translators, please reply directly to me.

Thanks for your help!

Pamela Ravin Jacobs
Brookyn, NY, USA

Researching CHARASCH/CHARASZ Brody--> Tarnopol; TAFFET Tarnopol;
DICK/DYK Tarnopol; TEITELBAUM Russian Empire; RIVIN Starobin;

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