Re: Why St. Louis? #general


the st louis world's fair was in 1904, so there was probably an upsurge in economic
activity leading up to it.

in the absence of documentation, it's hard to guess what prompted your family to
move. sometimes they had relatives or acquaintances there, or they were offered
a job or a sales territory, or maybe they just heard stories that there were
economic opportunities there. or maybe, for some reason, they didn't like new
york, or had some reason for moving away >from the community?

even without instant communications, i think most of their reasons would be pretty
much the same as ours today.

tom klein, toronto

BJ Rudman <> wrote:
My great grandfather, Solomon RUDMAN, came to the United States from, I believe,
Zaslawye, Belarus in 1894. He immigrated through New York to St. ouis with some of
his children; his wife and other children came to St. Louis in 1895. To my
knowledge, he had no relatives in St. Louis. Were there any articular factors that
would have prompted him to travel the additional 1000 miles >from NYC to settle in
St. Louis?

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