Announcing NALDEX #general

Roger Lustig

GerSIG, the German Special Interest Group, is proud to announce the
on-line publication of the first phase of NALDEX, the Name Adoption List
inDEX for Germany, at

NALDEX is accessible via this link, or through the All-Germany Database.
Those parts that relate to former German territory east of the
Oder-Neisse line are also included in the All-Poland Database.

This first phase presents, in database form, almost all of the published
naturalization and surname-adoption lists >from Prussia that are known to
survive. These lists were created in two different eras: 1812-16 in
Brandenburg and most of the eastern parts of the Prussian state; and
1845-47 in the Rhineland (east of the river), Westphalia and the Culm
region of West Prussia.

One other published list is included as well: Lippe-Detmold, 1810-11.

The database contains over 16,000 entries, each representing a head of
household. Some of the lists contain little information--only the head
of household's name and residence. Others list spouses and offspring
(generally in age order, as far as I can tell!), occupations and/or
maiden and former names.

To the extent possible, we have included all the information found on
the lists, and have transcribed names and places as read. Occupations
are given in German and English, and modern place names are given in
Polish or Czech where appropriate. (Still to come: Russian and Lithuanian.)

More information about the project is available at the link given above.
We hope to have more extensive information about each of the source
lists on-line very soon.

We look forward to receiving comments, recommendations and contributions
toward the next phases of the project. I and many other contributors
will be in Washington, DC for the IAJGS meeting beginning August 14, and
hope to hear >from people who have used NALDEX already, plan to, or have
ideas for extending and improving it. Both of my presentations at the
conference will touch on NALDEX.

In the meantime, please let me know of your experiences using the
database. Success stories are especially welcome, of course!

Roger Lustig Princeton, NJ USA research co-ordinator, GerSIG

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