Re: Al Capone's Chicago - Passerby Shot #general


from the Illinois States Archives online databases at:

Here are all the SHAMES who died 1916-1950 in Cook County, Illinois:
Last Name First Name Middle Name Sex/
Race Age Cert # Death
Date County City Date

5 records are displayed.

SHAMES ALBERT L M/W Y-46 6014010 1949-05-05 COOK 49-05-05

SHAMES ISRAEL M/W UNK 6036705 1929-12-27 COOK CHICAGO 29-12-29

SHAMES JOHN M/W UNK 0031848 1948-11-05 COOK CHICAGO - -

SHAMES MORRIS M/W UNK 6035724 1927-12-28 COOK CHICAGO 27-12-30

SHAMES SARAH FRIEDA F/W UNK 6008906 1937-03-19 COOK CHICAGO 37-03-21

>from wiki at:
it states he was active >from the early 1920s to 1931.

That would indicate that possibly Israel SHAMES (died 1929 in Chicago)
or Morris SHAMES (died 1927 in Chicago) are prime candidates. You could
check for online obituaries or newspapers and possibly find something.
You could also order their death certificates >from Cook County and learn
if they had been shot.

Good luck.

Jim Castellan

Marcella Shames wrote:

Trying to followup a family story of a relative ? SHAMES >from Lithuania who
came to the USA (don't know name, date)

He was caught in the crossfire during one of Al Capone's shoot-outs in
Chicago or he was told by gang members to stop walking on the side-walk -
didn't understand the language, continued walking and was shot
Either way he died in the incident

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