The German-Russian line during World War I #belarus

David Laskin

I am researching family members who lived in Rakov and Volozhin
(present-day Belarus) until the Holocaust. I am trying to find out
which side of the line they were on during the First World War. From
books I have consulted, and >from the Yizkor books for these towns, it
appears that Volozhin was right on the line of the Eastern Front
between German and Russian armies (which ran more or less south from
Vilna to Pinsk starting in Sept. 1915) and Rakov a few miles east (on
the Russian side). Family lore says that my grandmother's family had
a German officer billeted with them during First World War and he was
very humane (far more so than Russian soldiers) -- which only
increased shock at how the Germans treated Jews twenty years later.
If anyone has knowledge of books, articles, etc. that deal with Jews
and shtetls on the Eastern Front during the FIRST World War, I'd love
to hear >from you. Thanks.

David Laskin, Seattle, WA

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