Re: Tracing ancestors through brass objects? #general

Pamela Jacobs

I'm sorry that I don't have information about resources for the
identification of the origin and provenance of brass and other
objects, but I would be eager to discover those resources. I also have
one apparently handmade brass candlestick reportedly brought by my
maternal grandmother to the U.S. >from Tarnapol (Poland/Ukraine). It
appears to have been constructed >from brass piping and rather crudely
put together. I wonder whether this was typical of the religious
objects in poor household in Eastern Europe. I also have her two
earthenware decorative "ribbon" plates, place of manufacture unknown.
I'd be happy to work on locating resources for object identification
if someone can point me in the right direction.

Pamela Ravin Jacobs, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Researching CHARASCH/CHARASZ Brody, Tarnopol; DICK, Tarnopol, TAFFET, Tarnopol;
RIVIN, Starobin, Belarus; RAPPAPORT, Starobin, Belarus

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