CRARG Story Project #general

Daniel Kazez <dkazez@...>

The Czestochowa-Radomsko Area Research Group is beginning a new project:
The CRARG Story Project, with first-hand accounts of life in the towns of
Czestochowa, Radomsko, Zarki, Plawno and several dozen towns within about
60km (35 mi).

The web page is:

The area of Poland is:

I invite you to read the town histories and the stories. (And I invite you
to write to me at dkazez@... to share stories--if you lived in one
of the towns listed or if your aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather, etc.

Dan Kazez, Springfield, Ohio
TALMAN - Radomsko, Poland (and nearby)
ENGLANDER - Czestochowa, Poland (and nearby)

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