Searching for Great-Grandmother's Burial Info - NYC area #general

Carol Hochstadt

Dear Fellow Genners,
I have hit a 'wall' in trying to locate my great grandmother's death certificate,
which would tell me where she is buried. What I know: She was listed in the 1910
census as "Mertza GREENBERG" - living in Manhattan with known family members - and
did not appear in the 1920 census. Her maiden name was KIRSHNER. I believe that I
may have found her ship arrival record (1899, as Mirze GRUNBERG); she came >from

What I've done so far: After much online research, I ordered 2 death certificates
from NYC, for "Mirel GREENBERG" (died 1913) and Mintzl Chiah GREENBERG (died 1916)
I was very disappointed to discover that, based on the maiden names, neither was
related to me. I searched JOWBR and in those individual NY cemeteries that make
online search available.

I have run out of ideas - she obviously died, and must be buried in the NY area,
but I cannot find her. If anyone has suggestions for how I might locate her, I'd be
most appreciative. I do not have a death date. Also, if anyone thinks Mirel or
Mintzl are their relatives, I would be happy to share the death certificate
information. Please contact me privately.

Many thanks,
Carol Hochstadt
Salt Lake City, UT
Researching: GREENBERG, SCHERTZER in Romania (Jassy area) and Israel

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