Souvenir / family book for bar mitzvas #general

Ruben Weiser

I want to share with all of you the family book i made for my sons bar mitzva and
gave it as a souvenir to the atendants. I think it can give new ideas to others
that have the same idea on mind.

For many years i wanted to writte a book about my family genealogy research but who
in the family will be interested in dates and names like we (genealogist) are?.
Some time ago i had the idea to writte for my sons bar mitzva a small book with 13
stories with a nice teaching of 13 of his ancestors with an introduction to each
story with information about that ancestor. And in each story i added a picture of
the ancestor or the town were he or she lived and or the hedstone picture etc.
Most of the people liked the book and started to be some how interested in

Anybody interested to see the book ,just send me an email and i will be happy to
send it by email in pdf format. rubweiser@...

This is the index of the book:
1. David Ben Yerujem Tzvi Ha Levy Weiser / tzedakah
2. Miriam Bat Yehuda Leb Eisenstadter / do not complain
3. Rachamim ben Rafael Menalled Midamesek / devotion
4. Menajem ben Moshe Gelberman / honesty
5. Alexander Zishe ben Meyer Krausz / derej eretz
6. Rabbi Yekutiel Yehuda ben Elazar Nisan Teitelbaum / modesty
7. Rabbi Zusha of Anipoli ben Eliezer Lipman / humbleness
8. Rabbi Elimelej of Iezanjsk ben Eliezer Lipman / ani maamim
9. Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum / peace
10. Rabbi Moshe David ben Rabbi Asher Anshil Ashkenasy / love for eretz Israel
11. Shaul ben Shmuel Rapaport / ve'ahavta lere'acha kamocha
12. Moshe Ben Yedidia Safdie (ha rishon) / leshem shamayim
13. Rabi Eliezer Lipman / A bundle of Greens

Hope it helps others to writte their family histories.

Ruben Weiser
Buenos Aires

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