Re: Akiva and Itsko -- same name? #general


Akiva (Yaakov) and Itzko (Yitzhak) are completely different names.

Having said that, they could refer to the same person, if there is an error in
either transcription (always check the original documents), or some other mistake.

Look at item #106 near the bottom of this page:
<>; a quick glance through
2 of the 3 lists of students turned up a possible Avraham Yitzhak in each, plus a
little bit more information.

tom klein, toronto

David Laskin <laskin.david@...> wrote:
I am researching my great-grandfather, whose name in Yiddish was Avram Akiva
HaKohen -- or in Russian Kaganovich or Kahanovich. I believe he attended
the Volozhin Yeshiva in the 1870s. I have come upon a list of Volozhin Yeshiva
students >from 1879 with one Abram Itsko Kagan (this is translated >from the
Cyrillic script). Could this be my great-grandfather? Is there any relation
between the names Itsko and Akiva?

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